10.10 Contracting


storm damage recovery

In addition to general remodeling and exterior upgrades, 10.10 Contracting also specializes in restoration from storm damage. 10.10 representatives are professionally trained in order to recognize damage not readily visible, to develop the scope of damages, and to create the “scope of work” with your insurance company. 10.10 will assist to confirm the proper allocation of funds from your insurance company for the restoration of your property.


If you are one of the many homeowners that feel lost or overwhelmed at the prospect of re-roofing and/or re-siding your home, you are not alone. Filing a claim, understanding the insurance adjustment, taking estimates, and evaluating contractors can seem like a daunting task. Even more so when neighbors or relatives add their advice. Please don't get discouraged because at 10.10 Contracting we have structured our business to make this as painless as possible to you, the homeowner.


At 10.10 Contracting, our representatives will assist throughout the restoration process, from initial contact of the insurance company, to final billing. We will work with your insurance company to ensure complete and final assessment so the repairs can be completed properly. We have handled several restorations, just like yours, and know how to proceed with all aspects, which will allow us to restore your home and assure the finest job possible.




restoration process


Claim Management

Upon completion of the insurance estimate, 10.10 Contracting will work directly with your insurance adjuster during the claim process. 10.10 Contracting uses the same estimation procedures as your insurance provider to streamline the process and ensure that all aspects are covered from the perspective of a third party contractor.


Design & Contract

We will take the proper measurements in order to ensure that the "scope of work" includes all damages sustained to your home and will not be limited to piece or patch work, which can negatively effect the appearance and resale value of your property. In this step, you will select your products and color choices.



We want to make sure that we leave your home and landscaping in the same condition that we found it. We'll do a pre-work walkthrough to discuss the work process and note any special requests.


Installation & Repair

10.10 Contracting will complete all restoration in an efficient, timely and professional manner with only the best materials in the business.


Inspection & Walkthrough

Once our work is complete, we'll walk through the completed project with you to answer any questions.  We provide all paperwork including material and contractor's warranties, quality assurances, invoices, and lien releases allowing you to fully enjoy the ownership and pride of your newly restored home.